Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Isn't it funny?

I was just whiling away the time letting my mind wander where it would yesterday, when all the sudden, I realized I have no idea what time our wedding actually started. I know it took about 20 minutes, I know there was a national guard fly over that a lot of people thought was on purpose... but I have no idea what time the thing actually started.

Of course that's water way under the bridge now and it doesnt matter, it just makes me wonder. What else have I forgotten?


Pamela said...

I can't remember that either..
ha ha. But do you remember when anything else started? Other than school which was the same every day

Regina said...

I remember "morning" but nothing more specific than that...

Memory is such a curious thing - and what triggers it is interesting too - like smells or sounds or songs (yeah -that's still in my head, thanks)