Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One of the reasons I LOVE Jericho

The Setup: The government turns on itself and launches nuclear bombs at several major cities across the US, wiping out much of the country's infrastucture, power, water and gas supplies. A small town in KS survives and makes a go of rebuilding their future. As fall arrives and the weather gets cold, their fuel supplies and ability to make grain alcohol can't keep up with consumption. They are faced with a delimma: kick travelers out of town and stay solvent for another 2 weeks, or go looking for help in the form of clean energy.

Conversation: twenty-something black sheep son to father when discussing the possibility of traveling to a centralized trading post to find a part to create a windmill to provide power to the town.
Jake Green: Did you ask Mom?

Johnston Green: Son, I'm 59 years old, I was mayor of this town since the Carter administration, I'm a retired Army Ranger, and I'm a combat veteran. Of course I asked your mother.


Jilt said...

The premise is far fetched; Skeet is not an A-list actor; the dialogue is weak - but dang, I like this show. I'm so glad it's coming back!

maybei said...

I love that exchange between Johnston and Jake!!! Glad to have 7 more episodes and hoping for Season 3 too!