Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dress, updated...

My husband is going out of his mind (okay I'm making that up).. but he can't wait..

thigh high lace topped stockings, garter belt, itty bitty black lace underthings, and a bra that cost twice as much as the dress (to be fair, the dress was 75% off).. not off of me, dammit, off of the price. Jeez. What were you thinking..

My man is going to know that's under that little dress, but no one else will! ;-)

I got a silver bracelet and I'll probably raid my jewelry box and use what I already have for earrings and necklace, I have a small variety so I should be alright there... It won't be wild from the outside, but underneath... there's the kitty on the prowl... kind of like me :-) At least I'll feel sexy!

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A. Nonny Mouse said...

You'll be lucky if you get out of the house! : ) Sounds very cute - would love to see some pictures!