Thursday, February 28, 2008

So what brings you here?...

You ever notice in movies, when a stranger comes to town, that the first question they are asked is " So, what brings you here?" Well, I thought I'd point out a few things that brought up my page in a google search.

braceface dress up --what? odd! no!?!
naughty fun -- I'm in position #9 if you google for that (guess I'm not as tame as I thought!)
animalism -- sure, baby I've got it!
farkin -- creative swear word, right?

the searches that actually prompted people to click include:

jill and lil -- no idea what this is about
why do people hate rachael ray -- yeah, why do they?
business plan of thief!
fight the frump-- shouldnt we all?

so people want to know what i like in cooking shows, are looking to steal a business plan and plan to update their wardrobe. neat.

1 comment:

Sandy C. said...

I love seeing how people find their way through search to find me! But usually it's a bit strange too...but "naughty fun?"...I need to start digging around in your posts ;)