Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Magazine Boycotting, Part 2...

Okay, I think I've officiallly HAD IT!!! Click here for Part 1
I went online, because I couldnt call their stupid, I mean, them, and UNSUBSCRIBED from their "continuous service" plan -- which to me means I'll have to resubscribe in the summer. That's fine, I was tired of all their red-lettered "pay me now" idiocy, when I had already paid for my first year (due up in June and July).

Guess what?

Now on my magazines, it says 2009!!!! They've added me on to next year ANYWAY! Argh!!!!
Hello? Don't they get it? Apparently not!

Once my final issues for 2008 (June/July) show up, I'm writing cancel on the next bill I get and sending it back. Yes it will cost a stupid stamp, but I'm tired of their garbage. If I'd WANTED you to add me on for another year, well then I would have STAYED subscribed wouldnt' I? Argh!


nikki said...

Oh, and then they stalk you at home for not paying the latest bill to up your issues till 2010. Drives me batty.

HRH said...

OMG. Will it ever end?

Pamela said...

I just learned that you can shred some of that stuff and add to your compost.

Ami said...

I 'won' free subscriptions by filling out an online survey. Totally free. Here's the catch. I was supposed to give them my credit card number because the magazines would renew automatically in a year unless I contacted them to say no.

So of course I whipped out the credit card.