Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Job possibilities...

For my own reasons, I'm preferring to work 'temporary' assignments lately. Life is just too unpredictable to get tied to a job right now. Nuff said. Anyway, I was frustrated because I hadn't heard back from Office Team. No more. I had an interview and testing with them yesterday, and I've had 3 job offers before 24 hours had passed. How you like them apples?

This is NOT a paid post. Seriously. Three offers so far and the day is not over yet. For various reasons (job too far away or weird hours) I haven't taken any of the 3, but that's okay. They consider me (get this) a "stud" because I have such awesome test scores. How cool is that? So they're 'pimping' me out to everyone that calls them for temps. These people are efficient and go-getters. I would work for them if I had the credentials. Aweseome.

I have no doubts that something with enough $$ to make driving a second vehicle worth it will come up very soon.

Anyway, toodles. I'm having an awesome day!


kitten said...

Congrats! Hope something that works for will happen soon!
I'm glad you are having an awesome day!!

Mouse House Guy said...
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