Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bullets, because I can...

  • We still haven't heard from the relocation specialist, so we are getting nowhere, very very slowly. It sucks.
  • My baby showers were very, very good and the little we didn't get, because of $ type gifts, we will be able to purchase after the move.
  • My friend Tricia had her baby and everyone is fine.
  • We finally got to watch some more football, although our teams didn't win.
  • My house still looks like a wreck, no matter how much I pick it up.
  • It's hard to look for houses without a realtor.
  • I go back to the doctor Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure I've put on about 8 pounds instead of 4. Damnit.
  • I seriously need a nap.
  • And liposuction.


Arizaphale said...

ahhh give the liposuction a miss for now. There'll be time later :-)

Ami said...

You're supposed to gain weight. The last month or two you may gain a little more.

You're doing what your body was designed for, building a baby. You have to eat to nourish that little one and you need to make sure you're not shorting yourself on necessary nutrients either.

My house is a wreck, too.

If I don't get it done today, well, it will still be there to do tomorrow. Think of it as job security.


Regina said...

my teams did not win, either :-(
take your nap, the house will eventually be clean - 'cause it will all be moving, and don't worry about the lipo - you will work it off after baby!