Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why I am communing with Garfield...

I'm communing with Garfield because I'm so round it's not even funny. My bellybutton is in serious danger of becoming a thin line and nothing else. On the other hand, I'm the perfect size according to my due date, so anyone who says I'm fat can lump it, cause I'm not!

Oh and as an update to yesterday:

  • the lasagna was excellent, stop by for leftovers, we had them for lunch and they were excellent as well
  • the rabbits adore wilted lettuce leaves, old carrots, and ear corn
  • squirrels are happier too
  • have some candy corn, very very very happy
  • no it wasn't a craving. I always want candy corn this time of year, as much as I want football, real football to start at this time of year


Ami said...
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Ami said...

Anyone who says you're fat deserves to be belted in the side of the head. You're building a baby. 'Tis hard to hide that, ya know?

Lasagna tastes better the second and even the third day, I think. Time for all the spices to permeate the noodles etc.


Jo Beaufoix said...

I bet you look lovely. I loved having a bump to cuddle and rest my drink on. :D